The Knight of the Griffon Equestrian Centre
it is located a few steps from Villa Rizzo,
at Giffoni Valle Piana.
There are various activities organised.


The horse riding lesson
is carried out in a rectangle for a duration of 60 minutes. At the end, a small excursion is also carried out inside the Tenuta Cavaliere del Grifone.


The horseback excursion
it is carried out within the Monti Picentini Park, for a total duration of approximately three hours.


Two days of horseback riding
lasting approximately three hours:

  • 1st day: Visit the village of Terravecchia and the castle of Federico II, following the Giustino Fortunato path
  • 2nd day, lasting approximately three hours: visit to the Nebulano Castle and Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie.

On both days the departure and return to the equestrian center is scheduled.


Baptism of the saddle
for children and adults.