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Villa Rizzo


Listen to the stories and free your imagination

The Farm Masseria della Nocciola
was born from the passion for our most precious heritage:
the 30 acres of fertile land, guardians of history, beauty and
ancient peasant traditions.

The Rizzo family has been able to translate in a single reality the deep agricultural vocation of our territory.

The vineyard, the olive grove, the pomegranate and fig trees give shape to the rural landscape of the Villa and are the basis of the delicacies of our Chef, who knows how to enhance its taste and characteristics.

From the vineyards of the Rizzo family, Primo was born.

Primo in name and production.

- Red is produced with Aglianico grapes.
With an intense ruby color, dry and rich flavor of fruity and spicy.

- White is produced with Fiano grapes, an intense and deep golden yellow color.
The palate is elegant and full-bodied.

"The cycle of nature continues to excite and amaze me,
because it tells through my land, my story"
Gaetano Rizzo


The farm "Masseria della nocciola"
has its roots in the agricultural memory of a fertile land,
with ancient peasant traditions.

Sovereign of the 30 acres is the Tonda Nocciola di Giffoni IGP,
a typical kind of hazelnut, muse of our cuisine.

Patient guardians of this delicious secret
are our farm workers who take care of the harvest and
make sure these small gems get to rest
in the cool and ventilated places of our hills.


Medieval historical heritage,
the hazelnut arrives today on our table
accompanying sweet and savoury dishes,
to enhance tastes rooted in the Picentino territory.

In the same land,
rich in the scents of the cycles of nature,
our olive trees and our vineyard,
with their precious fruits, the pomegranate and fig trees have their roots.

Flavours that tell stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We believe in consumption and direct processing of our products,
to offer the uniqueness of what lives before our eyes,
what is looked after by our hands and breathes the same air that we breathe.


Bring with you wines, oils and hazelnuts, rich in sensations, scents and emotions..

"One cannot think well,
love well, sleep well
if one has not dined well.""

Virginia Wolf