Wellness Centre


Our massages with Five Star Method

At Villa Rizzo we promote the Five Star Method,
an exclusive and innovative technique designed to make people live unique and unrepeatable experiences.

This new method uses a system through which head,
arms and legs are slowly raised and held in suspension.
The musculature of the whole body,
by a natural swing and a passive stretching, receive an immediate sensation of lightness.

Before receiving the massage,
it is care of the spa therapists listen to the needs of each client,
to establish together the best strategy for achieving total well-being,
capable of bringing bodies and minds in a new dimension of pleasure.


Anti-stress massage
€ 70/90/120
With certain maneuvers designed to relax the subject, the operator uses strategies for synchronizing the breath and free the mind. You get in tune with the customer to bring him to a total well-being.
Relaxing massage
€ 80/100/130
A deep, intense massage that loosens the muscles in order to rebalance the mind and body.
Chocolate aroma massage
€ 70/90/120
It's a sweet cuddle massage made with chocolate flavored oil. The massage is performed with gentle and pleasant maneuvers, activating the receptors of happiness.
Hot Stone
€ 80/100/130
The encounter of the hands with basaltic stones promotes a harmonizing and purifying effect such as to induce a meditative state of quiet and calm. The stones slowly release their heat and therapy is accompanied with the action of oils or aromas.
Massaggio a 4 mani
€ 120/150/180
Il massaggio a 4 mani nasce dalla sinergia di tecniche integrate, applicate da una coppia di operatori professionisti. Essi intervengono in modo complementare con lo scopo di riequilibrare ritmicamente, in modo dolce, l'aspetto energetico dell'organismo.
Draining and reshaping massage
€ 60/80/110
This massage reshapes and balances, through maneuvers designed to redesign the silhouette.
Candle massage
€ 80/100/130
A particularly relaxing massage, because practiced in the atmosphere suffused by a candle that melts into a warm aromatic oil. The treatment helps relieve stress, promotes circulation and reduces contractures.
Other massagges
Ayurveda massage (indian)
€ 90,00
50 minutes
This type of massage is used for therapeutic purposes to restore the balance of the body and to maintain physical and mental health. Massage affects three systems of the human body: the vascular, nervous and lymphatic systems.
Lomi lomi massage (Hawaiian)
€ 85,00
50 minutes
The Lomi-Lomi massage guarantees relaxation. It acts on the nervous system and aims to act as a bridge between body and spirit.
It's also indicated to combat depression, stress, and trauma.
Foot reflexology
€ 80,00
45 minutes
It's a technique that uses the stress of specific areas of the foot, to restore the balance of the body.
Couple massage inside the same cabin
€ 10,00 per person