From bean to table

The House of Baal Farm
it is located approximately 150 meters above sea level,
immersed in the Salerno hills.


Hills where the gaze is lost
in following the path of the vineyards and olive groves
raised by men and women who together
they outline the past, present and future.

Time and patience pay off,
children of a passion that transforms,
it ferments and smells of must and wine.



The tour includes an introduction to the wine supply chain:
from bean to table.



Visit to the company cellar,
with a full immersion in the production of the House of Baal.



wine tasting itinerary with products from the Salerno area and rural tradition:
variety of mixed cold cuts, local cheeses, tastings of typical peasant products of the period,
tasting of bread and oil e
tasting of two IGT Colli di Salerno Casa di Baal wines.